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Articles by Fr. Donald Nesti, CSSP



Fr. Donald Nesti, C.S.S.P., a native of Pennsylvania, was ordained to the priesthood in 1963. He earned a licentiate and doctorate in theology at Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He has served the Congregation of the Holy Ghost in many capacities.Currently, he teaches at the University of St. Thomas , Graduate School of Theology, and is the Director of the Center for Faith and Culture, University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. Fr. Nesti founded the Center in 1994 in response to Pope John Paul II's 1983 creation of the Pontifical Council of Culture. The Center for Faith and Culture seeks to understand and affect the relationship between the worldview of Catholic faith and culture. In addition, Fr. Nesti has lectured extensively, authored books, published articles, conducted workshops, and served as retreat master for clergy, laity, and religious groups

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