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Reflections on Mark
Video Links to YouTube Video Player

Video Links to YouTube

Lesson 1
Fr. TJ Dolce: Intro to Mark 1-9

In the player, click on "playlist" to scroll through all of the available videos in this study.

(YouTube link for Carla Lewton: INTRODUCTION to Mark

Lesson 13
Carla Lewton: Mark 11

Lesson 2
Linda Sarman: Mark 1

Lesson 14
Charles Gardner: Mark 12

Lesson 3
Pam Rockwell: Mark 2

Lesson 15
Linda Sarman: Mark 13

Lesson 4
Carla Lewton: Mark 3

Lesson 16
Pam Rockwell: Mark 14

Lesson 5
Charles Gardner: Mark 4

Lesson 17
Deacon Al O'Brien: Mark 14

Lesson 6

Lesson 18
Carla Lewton: Mark 15

Lesson 7

Lesson 19
Fr. TJ Dolce: Mark 15

Lesson 8
Shannon Deitz: Mark 7

Lesson 20
Carla Lewton: Mark 16

Lesson 9
Linda Sarman: Mark 8

Text of the Gospel of Mark

Lesson 10
Pam Rockwell: Mark 9

Mark Audio Files

Lesson 11
Shannon Deitz: Intro to Mark 10-16

SMAFF YouTube Channel

Lesson 12
Fr. TJ Dolce: Mark 10

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