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Articles by Shannon Deitz


Shannon Deitz, Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Young Adults at St. Martha, has a B.A. in Public Relations/Journalism and an M.A. in Humanities/Creative Writing.  She has been involved in youth ministry for more than seven years and has recently completed the FTCM program from the Archdiocese.  In her spare time, Shannon is also a member of the Franciscan University Steubenville Conference speaking team and has spoken for other Archdiocese and parish events. Summer 2008, Shannon was a speaker at World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia!

Shannon and Neal, her husband, have been married 11 years, and have two sons, Ryan and Seth. Her family is her first ministry and they keep her charged and constantly reminded of the love God has for us all.
To know more about Shannon, check out her website at  www.shannondeitz.com .

For more information, please visit this authors web page.
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