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Catholic Social Teaching

To listen to the Audio Player, left-click on the "ARROW" directly to the right of the talk you wish to listen to. To download the mp3, left-click on the link; then follow the prompts.





 Audio Player
09/18/12 Life and Dignity of the Human Person Deacon Alfredo Soto & Bob Simpson mp3
09/27/10 The Seamless Garment of Life Msgr. Frank Rossi mp3
10/21/12 Homily:  World Mission Sunday Fr. Alfonso Tran mp3
02/13/09 The Biblical Teaching on Social Justice Fr. Lawrence Boadt mp3
02/13/06 Catholic Social Teaching:  Biblical Roots Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
04/29/09 Catholic Social Teaching Jeff Korgen mp3
02/12/11 Martin Luther King and Catholic Social Teaching Rev. Bryan Massingale mp3
02/20/06 Catholic Social Teaching:  Poverty Issues Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
10/09/12 The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers Deacon Alfredo Soto & Bob Simpson mp3
07/02/08 Immigration, Legislation and the Gospel Mark Zwick mp3
09/23/08 Panel on Immigration

Bishop Joseph Fiorenza, Stan Marek, & Francisco Arguelles

10/11/10 Immigration at the Crossroads Stan Marek mp3
09/30/08 The Real Issues of Health Care Richard Nevle mp3
10/14/08 The Economy and Your Conscience Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
10/28/08 War Bishop Vincent Rizzotto mp3
02/27/06 Catholic Social Teaching:  Global Issues Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
  Social Action      
03/06/06 Catholic Social Teaching:  Social Ministry Panel   (Bob Martin - HAMM; Peggy Wehe - Interfaith Care Partners; Fran McConnell - SVdP) Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
07/19/05 Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Panel Discussion   (Jeff Crandall - Biblical Basis;  Alfredo Soto - Global Implications;  Esmeralda Cervantes - Catholic Charities) Deacon Alfredo Soto mp3
09/25/12 Call to Family, Community and Participation Rights and Responsibilities Deacon Alfredo Soto & Bob Simpson mp3
10/18/10 The Campaign for Human Development Deacon Sam Dunning mp3
10/23/12 Faithful Citizenship Fr. Leon Strieder mp3
06/26/12 Responsibilities as Catholics and U.S. Citizens Fr. Donald Nesti, CSSp mp3


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